21st to 25th May 2024

74th Annual OAPF

Thirteen plays over five nights

17th to 20th July 2024

High School Musical

Directed by Claire Cathcart and Jodie Hicks

Musical Director Lydia Sullivan-Pugh

Choreography by Steffi Savident and Ruby Tapp

October 2024

Vicar of Dibley The Holy Trinity

Directed by Margaret Moffatt

Christmas 2024

Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood

Directed by Dani Robin

Musical Director Stephen Dixon

Choreography by Amy Mumford, Kirsty Chick, Steph Jehan, Debbie Collins and Christy Maritz-Jones

Easter 2025

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Directed by Lisa Johnston

Musical Director Lydia Sullivan-Pugh and Marilyn Pugh

Choreography by Avril Earl