The Club’s first post-war production was “No Medals”, at the Central Hall, in 1948. A comprehensive range of plays followed. “The Shop at Sly Corner”, in 1951, was significant if only for the fact that the hired suit of antique armour took three months to return, being held up by UK Customs, who classed it officially as ‘weapons’!

In the 1953 production of “Night Must Fall”, night fell with a vengeance, with a total electricity failure in the Town area, and the play finished in the eerie light of torches borrowed from the obliging audience. (An incident which occurred again in 1996, during “Chase Me Up Farndale Avenue s.v.p.”, a play which was all about the disasters which befell an amateur drama group, so the audience could be forgiven for believing that the power failure was part of the play!)

During this period after the War, all major productions were staged at the Central Hall (renamed the Little Theatre). Many improvements were undertaken at this venue, both front-of-house and backstage, and GADOC
came to look on it very much as home.

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